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Photoshop Tutorial – Light Things Step By Step

Photoshop Tutorial

Light things

Photoshop cc Tutorial
Mohamed Saber


In this tutorial I’ll show you how to light any thing and make some lighting effects.

You can apply the example to anything
Open your image in Photoshop and duplicate the layer (Alt + J or Command + J on Mac). Next, hide the new layer by clicking on the Eye icon

then. Go to Filter > Filter Gallery

See the changing effects in preview panel when ,I drag these options left and right
just press “OK” to apply the final effect to the image.

The Next step ,Go to layer blend Modes Select Luminosity

click on layer Ctrl + left click to select the bird and create New layer under bird layer

choose white color from color Picker to fill Layer

Next, Go to filter >Blur> Gaussian Blur

changing effects in preview panel the same i do this options

Select Bird Layer and change his Levels options

make the same effects in preview Levels panel

Photoshop Tutorial is Finished !
You can Make Artworks with Light things Concept So let’s say

thanks for watching