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Photoshop tutorial cloud things for Beginners

Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial

Cloud Things

I felt that I must explain this photoshop tutorial, Because this Concept can be Applied To Many Things, so I will explain it and You can apply the example to anything let’s say

You will need to Download The Used Brushes for this photoshop tutorial ,

you can find online for free

  • photoshop tutorial is start
  • – Open adobe Photoshop
  • – Open Photo you like, I use a photo of the Bird
  • If you don’t have any cool photos of your own to use for this tutorial, I highly recommend you head over to Pexels and download something special for free
photoshop tutorial
  • At the beginning, choose the color theme of clouds
  • -We recommend starting with an image with a plain Background .
  • Select the “Background” layer in the Layers , and fill it .
  • Go to the Edit selection from the main tab and select the Fill option, to fill the selected color
photoshop tutorial
  • – Select The Bird , Choose the Quick Selection Tool from the Toolbox  , It works like a Brush , that makes it easy to select your image
  •  hide the image layer from layers  
photoshop tutorial
  • The next step is to create new Layer (body) and Fill Color
photoshop tutorial
  • now make mask layer and fill light color of cloud and use the cloud brushes to painting light
photoshop tutorial
  •  create a new Layer,  and we now have two layers  of cloud
  •  We’ll turn the top layer into the mask, and the image above it will be clipped to the mask
  • To create the clipping mask, go up to the Layer menu in the Menu Bar and choose Create Clipping Mask
  • Now select the brush tool and use the cloud brushes to painting the shadow
photoshop tutorial
  • create a new Layer and Rename it (light)
  • the next step. select the brush tool and use the cloud brushes to painting the light
  • we simply click the Add Layer Mask icon (the rectangle with a circle in the middle) 
  • at the bottom of the Layers panel , click on the Brush tool 
  • Make sure the foreground colour of the brush is set to black .and Start blotting out Parts of the Clouds.
photoshop tutorial
  •  create a new Layer (highlight)
  • Then select the brush tool and use the cloud brushes to Painting the highlight
photoshop tutorial
  • Play with the brush size, type and rotation of the brush so the dispersed bits don’t look like a pattern
photoshop tutorial


Use this hashtag to show me and others what you have done #cloudThingsEffect
 Mohamed Saber